Every single one who advertises online, has a blog or has a homepage needs traffic. Why? Without anyone watching your ads, no one would click or buy anything. When your site gets a lot of traffic, it will often automatically get even more traffic from being high up in top lists and rankings. It is true as they say: If you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist.

Do you want more views to your blog? Add it to a traffic exchange! Do you want to advertise a product, an affiliate marketing link, get referrals for a program, or even just promote an idea? Add it to a traffic exchange!

So, why traffic exchanges? Because it’s free. Because it’s real people viewing your ads. Real people who will interact with your sites. Because it is fast, because you can control traffic, because thousands of people join the world of online marketing every day, and because they’re actually quite fun.

A traffic exchange is very easy to use. You add your ad, blog, homepage or whatever it is you want to adversite. To earn traffic for your site, you have to view other people’s ads. This is referred to as “surfing”. Usually, if you view 2 ads from others with a short timer, you get 1 guaranteed view from real people to your site. And if you don’t have time to view other ads, there’s always the option to buy traffic.

Most traffic exchanges also offer different sorts of upgrades, where you get a higher ratio of website hits for each ad you view. These upgrades often give incredibly much in return for what they cost (usually $5-10). You get bonus website views every month as an upgraded member, and if you surf just a few minutes every day you will be able to have your site viewed by someone pretty much every hour of the day.

How can you afford to not have that…?