Using a traffic exchange

1. Sign up using a G-mail account. G-mail is the only one you can really trust to get your verification email delivered to. When you have filled in username, chosen a password and email address (and whatever the signup form asks for), click submit. Be sure to read the terms. They are usually pretty much basic for any website.

2. You will get a verification email sent to the email address you signed up with. There is a link inside that email, which you have to click to activate your account. This is to make sure no one else signs up in your name.

3. Log in. Enter your username and the password you chose, and you will be logged into the member area. This is the main area where you can access everything.

4. Set up your site. Go to a page called “My Websites”, “Sites” or similar. Add a name for your site, only you can see it, and add the url to the page you want others to see. If possible, fill in how many views per hour (preferraby around 5) you want. Click “Add” at the bottom when you have added it. It will then either go into a state of “Pending approval”, which means that the admin will check it to make sure there is no frame breaker, paid to promote and things like that, or it will be automatically approved.

5. Set auto assign. There is always a page for this, usually called “Auto Assign”. You will also be sent to it automatically if you skip this step and try to start earning credits before setting auto assign. Auto assign specifies how much of the credits you will earn from surfing which will be assigned to your site directly, without you having to assign advertising credits to it later.

6. Now you are ready to earn credits, which is what is used to get your site seen. 1 credit equals 1 view, and you usually earn about 0.5 credits per page from other members you view. To start earning, click the button that says “View ads”, “Surf” or similar.

7. In surf, sites will display in the main area. There is often a small chatbar at the far right side of the screen. The area on top is called top surfbar, and the area at the bottom is called the bottom surfbar. There is usually some info in those areas, but you really only need to know about the top surfbar. It is there you click to go to the next site, after the viewing timer is up. When the timer has reached zero, 5 icons will appear at the middle of the top surfbar. Find the icon that matches the one to the far left of those 5, and click it. You will be automatically sent to the next site in surf, and the timer will start over from how many seconds it started with (usually around 8).

 8. You will automatically earn credits each time you click the correct icon. A part of it will be distributed to your site/sites and the other part will be stored in your account. You can add credits to your site anytime from the page where you added your sites. And when your site has credits assigned to it, it will automatically be viewed by other members who are surfing.

9. Consider getting one of the upgrade packages to earn a lot more credits, so that you always have your site in rotation. The more unique visitors, the better.


These are the basics of how pretty much all traffic exchanges work, it is really easy and everyone can start earning credits within a few minutes from they sign up. Of course there are a lot more advanced tools, features and there are lots of bonuses and games too, but the core of a traffic exchange is traffic. Anyone can do it!


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